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sorry that i havent been posting alot lately so i hope this PMV makes up for it. also if you like it, it would be so awesome if alot of you sent it into EQD with the email titled animation. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!…
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A brony need money to pay rent, and if he doesn't he will be out on the streets. please help him guys. here is where you can purchase the emergency commissions he is selling. AGAIN PLEASE HELP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
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Hello there everyone i figured that it was time for me to make my first journal saying thank you for all the watches, favs, and support. Recently i have entered into a t-shirt design contest, and i really need your help. I will post a link to it at the bottom of this journal. It is a power rangers T-shirt design contest and i need as many people to rate it a 5 as possible(Even though alot of you love the ponies i would still appreciate the votes). The prize is 2,000 dollars and i plan on using it for college. Please, i really need all your help to win this thing, and if you rate it a 5 tell me in this journal in the comments and i will put you down on a list and everyone that votes gets a free art commission. You all have been so awesome supporting my work, and i would like some support on this contest entry. Thank you for reading this.

Vote for Tony Dumas(my real name),and again THANK YOU /)^3^(\
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